OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer

OKP Holdings are one of the leading civil engineering and infrastructure companies in Singapore. They also have a number of other subsidiary companies. The management of all these subsidiary companies are undertaken by OKP Holdings.

OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer

The business was started in 1966 by Or Kim Peow and his initials were used to name the business. At this point the business was a wholly owned subsidiary and Mr. Peow was the sole proprietor. The work that the company do has diversified a great deal over the years. As the company has grown, then it has taken on more projects which have turned into successful arms of the business. One thing that all these different businesses have in common is that they generally fall into the categories of either Construction or Maintenance.

Construction and Projects by OKP Holdings

Traditionally the company have been involved in the construction of vehicle bridges, airport runways and flyovers. They are also heavily involved in construction that is needed in the oil and gas industry. This includes the building of oil storage terminals and well as design and construction of roads and other infrastructure that is needed to keep these oil and petrochemical plants up and running. Construction formed the basis of the business for a long time and as such it is still seen by many as the main focus of OKP Holdings.

Tender for Private and Public Projects by OKP Holdings

The maintenance work that the company carries out is usually in relation to roads and carriageways in Singapore. They tender for both public and private projects in relation to maintenance. This means that their work is sometimes carried out on public roads, and other times on private property such as factories and other places of business. They also build bus shelters and bays for buses to park in. All maintainance work that is carried out by the company helps to make sure that the infrastructure of both public and private services is working well for the good of the business.

More recently they have become involved in the property development business. One of their most recent purchases was the Phoenix Heights development. This residential building was constructed in 1969 and was starting to look and feel quite dated. The location of the development made it a very attractive prospect and when it was purchased by OKP Holdings, a full refurbishment of all the properties was carried out. This enabled them to be sold at a profit which will form a good basis for funding of any future property development projects.