Residents Staying at Kopar at Newton Kampong Java Road

Kopar at Newton is a new condo development project located in Newton. The land on which the project is located is quite prime, being located right next to Newton MRT station. The project provides a wide range of amenities such as high-end restaurants in the many shopping malls in the area. The Kopar at Newton is the largest plot for sale located in Newton. It has a total of 125326 sqft land size and 350914 sqft floor size. This is unlike other developments in Newton as they are either small plots of land or too far from the MRT station.

Kopar at Newton at Kampong Java Road

This development has various facilities such as a clubhouse, a tennis court, a gym, a guardhouse, children’s playground, swimming pool, function room, and BBQ pits. This development ensures that you and your family can enjoy the very best serene and relaxing lifestyle right in the heart of the city. The plot of land at Kampong Java road was put in for a bid, and Chip Eng Seng Corp emerged the best with a bid of $418.8 million, there were a total of 7 proposals put in. The expected selling price is likely to be lower than that of the projects in the vicinity ranging between 1900 and 2000 dollars per square foot. With the government amending, the average size of the rooms from 70 sq ft to 85 sq ft means that the units will be more comfortable.

Kopar at Newton CELH Development

The CELH Development Government Land Sales are prime lands located near the Newton MRT station. This development can be termed as a well-timed investment for the CELH Development as they seek to add more land to their stockpile. Most events being launched are located away from public transport and other amenities; however, the Kopar Condo Newton MRT is located at the core of the city with shopping centers such as the United Square Shopping center. Comparing Kopar at Newton Development with other neighborhood sites such as Fourth Avenue Residences, Kopar seems to be undervalued given its prime location.

Benefits Residents of Kopar at Newton will Gain

The district 09 of Singapore has some of the highly demanded properties in Singapore. The location owes its demand to the high-end residential properties, accessibility of amenities as well as facilities. The area offers a great investment opportunity. You can comfortably reside in the area with your family and also the area has great rental potential. Here are some benefits Kopar at Newton residents will reap from living here:
• It is centrally located in Singapore giving the residents access to any part of the country.
• Great transport facilities- this region offers a smooth commute within the neighborhood as well as other parts of the country. The road network is excellent and the MRT is just around the corner.
• Easy access to schools- district 09 has various top schools offering quality education.
• Access to shopping facilities there are numerous malls within walking distance such as the United Square Shopping Mall
• Entrance to restaurant facilities-there is various restaurants in the area offering a high-quality dining experience
• Access to medical facilities- some of the best medical facilities in Singapore are located in this area.

One Pearl Bank Former Pearl Bank Apartments Capitaland

One Pearl Bank is a new development that sits in a rare hilltop in Chinatown, Singapore. The development is owned by CapitaLand, a real estate developer headquartered in Singapore. The company’s portfolio includes integrated developments, offices, shopping malls and residential developments. Competitive advantage of the real estate developer is that it has an extensive market network as well as a significant asset base.

One Pearl Bank Capitaland was sold through a private treaty agreement. The total price for the acquisition was S$1,515/sq ft/ gross floor area. CapitaLand plans to redevelop the former Pearl Bank Apartments to residential apartments which will house approximately 800 units.

One Pearl Bank Former Pearl Bank Apartments


It has replaced Pearl Bank Apartments, an iconic landmark at the core city centre. The new Condominium is an opportunity for people to own a real estate structure located next to Outram MRT Station. Outram MRT Station serves 3 stations including Thomson-East Coastline, East-West Line and North-East Line. One Pearl Bank will be completed in 2023. For residents who prefer buses, there are several buses along New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Seng Street.

The new development is also near elite schools in Chinatown such as Outram Secondary School, Cantonment Primary School and Gan Eng Seng Primary School. Its location is also near the Central Business District. All units can access unblocked views of the CBD since the condominium is on elevated grounds.

One Pearl Bank Capitaland Facilities

One Pearl Bank will have 2 towers that will resemble Pearl Bank Apartments in order to preserve its distinct architecture in Pearl’s Hills. The new development by CapitaLand will have unique facilities including a function room, clubhouse, 50m swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, children’s playground, BBQ pits and a guard house. These facilities will provide full entertainment needs to residents of One Pearl Bank. The development is a horse shoe shaped development that faces Pearl Hill

There are numerous shopping centres near One Pearl Bank. They include Chinatown Complex, Central Mall (Clarke Quay) and Peoples Park Complex. The condominium is also near City Park in Pearl’s Hills which provides plenty of outdoor activities for residents of Chinatown. The development will also include allotment gardens that will enable residents to grow their own crops to promote healthy living.

One Pearl Bank Located Next to the City

One Pearl Bank combines serene space and elegant living. Beyond the condo’s architecture marvel, the development has sky bridges which link the towers at the top. Therefore, residents will enjoy the fresh air at the top of Pearl’s Hills. One Pearl Bank is an attractive development since it offers privacy in addition to providing the convenience of city life.

OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer

OKP Holdings are one of the leading civil engineering and infrastructure companies in Singapore. They also have a number of other subsidiary companies. The management of all these subsidiary companies are undertaken by OKP Holdings.

OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer

The business was started in 1966 by Or Kim Peow and his initials were used to name the business. At this point the business was a wholly owned subsidiary and Mr. Peow was the sole proprietor. The work that the company do has diversified a great deal over the years. As the company has grown, then it has taken on more projects which have turned into successful arms of the business. One thing that all these different businesses have in common is that they generally fall into the categories of either Construction or Maintenance.

Construction and Projects by OKP Holdings

Traditionally the company have been involved in the construction of vehicle bridges, airport runways and flyovers. They are also heavily involved in construction that is needed in the oil and gas industry. This includes the building of oil storage terminals and well as design and construction of roads and other infrastructure that is needed to keep these oil and petrochemical plants up and running. Construction formed the basis of the business for a long time and as such it is still seen by many as the main focus of OKP Holdings.

Tender for Private and Public Projects by OKP Holdings

The maintenance work that the company carries out is usually in relation to roads and carriageways in Singapore. They tender for both public and private projects in relation to maintenance. This means that their work is sometimes carried out on public roads, and other times on private property such as factories and other places of business. They also build bus shelters and bays for buses to park in. All maintainance work that is carried out by the company helps to make sure that the infrastructure of both public and private services is working well for the good of the business.

More recently they have become involved in the property development business. One of their most recent purchases was the Phoenix Heights development. This residential building was constructed in 1969 and was starting to look and feel quite dated. The location of the development made it a very attractive prospect and when it was purchased by OKP Holdings, a full refurbishment of all the properties was carried out. This enabled them to be sold at a profit which will form a good basis for funding of any future property development projects.