The Jovell Condo Flora Drive Singapore Changi Airport

Hong Leong Holdings Limited is one of the best real estate companies. The company prioritizes in satisfaction of customer needs and ensures that the customer gets the desired and right property. Hong Leong Holdings Ltd has helped many investors in making their dream come true. Improvement from time to time and its expansion has made it shine in the real estate industry. The company for Jovell Condo Flora Drive has also maintained distinct levels of sustainability, design and customer service. It is a global company thus investors all over the world can contact the organization for guidance. It is guaranteed that you will receive the best value at the end of your money. They collaborate with several stakeholders to make sure that investors needs are met through quality of its project is the Jovell Condo which its estimated completion dates in 2019 and bookings will be available soon.

The Jovell Condo Flora Drive

The Jovell is located at flora road/change Road and a popular leasehold condo in district 21. The Jovell has many amenities which are built in making many purchasers have what they dream in having in their homes. You will get amenities such as swimming pool to relax after work, tennis court or even gym for exercise and many more. It is a unique project located next to so many beautiful Singapore city parts. The extraordinary city lifestyle due to Changi Airport presence and change jewels at Jovell Flora road. The condo is near Upper Changi MRT station, therefore, therefore public transport has sorted no reason to worry. Many shopping centers are accessible such as Loyang point, century Square and Tampines Mall.

Changi Jewel Flora Drive

Changi Jewel proposed to be open in 2019 is on of amenities near the Condo and located just to airport. It offers travelers and residence a wonderful experience during shopping and an alternative relaxing destination when in the city states. For those who love going at night, the Jewel provide beautiful entertainment such as F&B. the project will also include a traditional mall having retail space as well as outdoor experience like forest valley, man-made waterfalls, discovery slides and canopy mazes. These are ideal places to spend time with a family.

Singapore Changi Airport

Jovell condo Flora Drive is next to the changi airport which is becoming more cosmopolitan. Residents at the jovell condo will enjoy benefits coming from the development of facilities that are located there. The airport meets the international standards because of its customized terminals. Singapore Changi airport has all important information on its website giving you a wonderful experience and you will also learn about various companies providing transport services.


In conclusion Hong Leong Holdings is among the best real estate developers and it is committed at designing all units in accordance to the trends. The company has clear understanding of customer’s requirement and therefore purposes to reaching customer’s satisfaction. Therefore fully trust the construction and make an effort to book a unit for you as well as other family members. Don’t miss out on this!

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Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Condo Qingjian Realty

The purchase of Shunfu Ville by Qingjian Realty in May 2016 was the third largest in the history of Singapore. The estate is in a prime piece of land in the Bishan area of the country is bound to benefit numerous developments in the area. The development is a 99-year leasehold development with over 900 units, the third after Bayshore Park and Marina One. Shunfu Ville has numerous facilities and specifications that the new development does not have. The development is at a strategic site that makes it easy for residents to move in and out of the location.

Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Qingjian Realty Singapore

Accessibility is enhanced by the availability of public transport thereby making the area more attractive. Besides, it is connected through major highways and roads making it easier for residents to reach numerous places within a short period of time. Currently, Jade Scape is strategically located right at the heart of the highly sought after Bishan and Toa Payoh area where prices have proved to be resilient as there is underlying demand. The development which is previously a bloc from Shunfu Ville will be an iconic development right in the heart of Bishan and Marymount area. Qingjian Realty who is the developer for this strategic development Jade Scape Marymount MRT Station has been serious about the site by submitting a top bid for the plot of land based on the project details. The deal did suffer some setbacks as five unit owners backed out of the deal during transfer of the asset. However, it has been resolved and things are now looking good for the development

Jade Scape Project Details and Information

The building is located in Bishan based on the project details of Jade Scape bloc. This is an upmarket, leafy and attractive section of the city. It offers easy access to the main urban center and provides serenity from the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District (CBD). As such, project details for Shunfu Ville say it is quite an attractive real estate asset. The negotiations with the five unit owners for Shunfu Ville HUDC ended unsuccessfully last month. In addition to the uncooperative unit owners, the buyer is facing construction limitations. After purchasing the block, Qingjian Realty Group hoped to reconstruct the building and add more floors to it. They wished to demolish the current building and rebuild it so that it would have between 30 and 36 stories. However, a spanner has been thrown in the plan by an oversight body.

Jade Scape Marymount MRT Station Shunfu Ville HUDC.

A directive by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has instructed the buyer not to build that number of floors for Jade Scape Condo. According to the directive, they should stick to between 21 and 23 stories. The general manager of the company indicated that their desire to construct many stories is because flats in the 30th floor and beyond normally fetch a higher purchase price than those in the low twenties. However, the general manager is optimistic that both problems will get solved soon so that construction can begin.

SDB Developer 1177 Serangoon Road

SDB has more than 53 years of working experience. It is run by parents who have families. With children in the area, SDB is grounded on the facts that, all people must feel secure and safe in their living environment. At all times, SDB aims at giving you peace of mind. This is done making all homes earthquake resistant and offering best practice security measures. Apart from that, below are some excellent reasons why you should be associated with SDB.

SDB Developer 1177 Serangoon Road

It is only at SDB where you will get a culture which is driven by performance. We empower people who are will to grow in their career. We also make sure that people working with us are happily working in their working posts and they are aiming at getting best results. This is done by providing policies that give equal opportunities to people. Education is also offered to workers so that they can live a healthy working life.

Jui Residences is accessible to a wide array of areas that a single person or a family might need. There are a variety of shopping areas just walking distance from the development, including The Venue Shoppes and The Poiz Centre. It’s also just a few minutes’ drive away from the Central Business District and the Orchard Shopping Center.

This development is also a great place to raise a family as children can go to nearby schools, from primary school all the way to college. It’s also close to an international school. Jui Residences is conveniently situated near major expressways, bus stops, and MRT stations like Potong Pasir and Sengkang, so it’s not hard to go about other places in Singapore. With its high accessibility and its freehold scheme, living in Jui Residences will be like a dream.

SDB International

This is our millennial trend. As the best developers in the market, we know the impact of every step we make in the environment. We work under standards that help in sustaining the environment. The rules cover all the designs. To protect the environment, we always make sure that all energy is conserved by working with energy efficiency tools and machines. Lastly, we use biodegradable and renewable sources of energy. SDB will develop 1177 Serangoon Road freehold Jui Residences.

What are the other common developments within the area?
1. Freehold City Fringe Development
Jui Residences provides residents an opportunity to own a prime fringe freehold development in the city situated near the Potong Pasir. These new launches has been around the main vicinity with leasehold developments as well as prices of these leasehold developments dropping as its age increases especially after the start of lease expiry.
It will be a perfect place for investors who will be looking for excellent enbloc of properties and freehold developments that makes them successful as freehold developments. In addition, Jui Residences provides owners with additional freehold development advantage at the city fringe.
2. Excellent Connection to the Major Expressways
Jui Residences has a unique location to the Central Expressway (CTE) intersection and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) perfect for car owners, which makes the location very convenient. For those who would love to travel to Woodlands, Changi Airport, Orchard, and Jurong Central Business District, it will take them a shorter time is therefore making it a corner of Moonstone and Serangoon Lanes within the area for an amazing city living lifestyle.
3. Proximity to Major Shopping Centers
Jui Residences is situated near to numerous shopping centers and eateries alongside Moonstone Lane. When you feel like having a great time, you can always visit Poiz Centre and The Venue Shoppes to offer you an excellent shopping experience for your daily necessities. It will be a remarkable place whenever you need to enjoy yourself within the area

Selangor Dredging Jui residences

When investing in an SDB home, you always have hopes and dreams as a customer. We ever make sure that all your emotional, financial and needs are met at all costs. This makes us always ready to work on your dreams and give you exactly what you need. We provide you the excellent services that you need regardless of the amount of money you give out.