Hougang Mall Hougang MRT Station

Hougang mall, under the management of AsiaMalls Management, sits in Singapore. With a total of seven – which comprise of five floors and two basement floors and 134 stalls the mall is definitely one of the large malls in Singapore. With a serene and friendly environment, the mall has gotten popular in all the surrounding districts. It’s actually became the first Asian mall to be involved in the SPRINs Singapore’s Customer Centric Initiative. They have provision for new tenants and application is done via their email.

Hougang Mall Near to Hougang Avenue 7

With a variety of customer accessing it, Hougang mall has had ample [parking space to fit the need s of each and every one of their customers. The parking space is located along Hougang Avenue 10. They have relatively fair parking fees which go as low as 1.28$ per hour and this only gets better since the rate drop with the increasing hour. They have special offers for weekends and for holidays.

Hougang Mall is your one-stop shopping mall where you can do all your household shopping from. They have stalls from every dimension covering the fashion scope, technological aspects health scope, food, and beverage scope and many more stalls. They have specially dedicated themselves to bringing out the best in term of quality. The mall is centrally located and is accessible by either train, bus or by personal means.

Hougang Mall Near to Former Rio Casa Enbloc

Hougang Mall have spacious hallways and rooms which is convenient for both the customers and the staff. They ample hallways space play an important role in maximizing security and they hold a large number of people without congestion. They have installed a proper lighting system through large well-ventilated windows. They have also maximized on lighting by lighting up the whole place. Movement inside the mall has been made easier through the modernized elevators, fitted with CCTV surveillance systems and elevator machines that will cut on the strain of using stairs. The mall also has a customer care desk which will assist in case of any inquiries and also acts as a reporting desk for missing possessions. This is especially essential for the management and control of the mall.

Hougang Mall Hougang MRT Station

Security in every mall is every management priority and the Hougang mall has maximized on security by the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras, uniformed guard s have been put in place, the guards have been equipped with both lethal and non-lethal weapons. They also have metal detectors that will make sure no weapons are carried into the mall. This assures both the customers and the mall personnel of their security while in the facility. The security system is extended to the parking section to keep safe the automobiles in the compartment.

With a four-star rating, the Hougang mall is a must go place in Singapore. It will provide you with quality family time you need.